TBT tournament dates for Peoria Allstars - 1st round is in Lexington, KY - July 19-21st 

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Support the Peoria All Stars and The Derrick Faison Foundation as they seek to bring awareness to the public health challenge of sudden cardiac arrest through the massive platform of The Basketball Tournament 2019.

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Jordan Faison

Jordan Faison

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We need your support! We need fans to help us bring awareness to the important health issue of heart disease. Join the Peoria All Stars and the Derrick Faison Foundation and help us save lives.

If this team goes on to win TBT, its top 1,000 Supporters will share $200,000 of the $2 million prize! To Support this team click the "become a fan" box below and it will take you directly to the Peoria Allstars team page on the TBT website. Then click on "support this team" and register as a fan

We thank you for being a Peoria Allstars fan and for being a heart safe advocate for the Derrick Faison foundation.

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