Heartfelt Screenings

Introducing our Partnership with Heartfelt Screenings!

What is Heartfelt?

Heartfelt is a nonprofit organization dedicated to saving lives from this nation’s number one killer, Sudden Cardiac Death. You can help us with our “heartfelt” efforts to save lives through early detection, education, and increasing public awareness. 

Peace of Mind is Now Affordable
Echocardiograms and Electrocardiograms are often expensive to obtain, typically costing $1,500. Many individuals with heart conditions experience no symptoms and, frequently, insurance providers will not cover the cost of these exams.  Families can be screened at Heartfelt events for a donation of $85 per person.  Additionally, Heartfelt secures sponsorship funding and grants to supplement costs in order to offer free screenings for the underserved and low income families, whenever possible. For more information about scheduling a screening click here Heartfelt Screenings

Here is the latest video featuring another life recently saved by Heartfelt screening